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Stream Processing with SQL

This page shows how to processing stream data in HStreamDB with SQL using Java SDK.


Make sure you have HStreamDB running and accessible.

Execute Real-time Query on Stream

You can execute a real-time query on stream using the HStreamClient.streamQuery() method:

final String TEST_STREAM = "test_stream";

Publisher<HRecord> publisher = client.streamQuery(
        "select * from " + TEST_STREAM +
        " where temperature > 30 emit changes;"

Observer<HRecord> observer = new Observer<HRecord>() {
    public void onNext(HRecord hrecord) {

    public void onError(Throwable t) {
        throw new RuntimeException(t);

    public void onCompleted() {



The HStreamClient.streamQuery() method return a Publisher object, and you need to provide an Observer object that contains your logic for processing the results returned by the query.

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