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HStreamDB stores data in streams, and this page shows how to operate streams using Java SDK.


  • Make sure you have HStreamDB running and accessible.
  • Include following import statements:
import io.hstream.HStreamClient;
import io.hstream.Stream;

Connect to a HStreamDB Instance

First, you need to connect to a HStreaDB instance and get a HStreamClient oject.

HStreamClient client = HStreamClient.builder().serviceUrl("SERVER_HOST:SERVER_PORT).build();

Get a List of Streams

You can get a list of the streams using the HStreamClient.listStreams() method:

for(Stream stream: client.listStreams()) {

Create a New Stream

You can create a new stream using the HStreamClient.createStream() method:


Delete a Stream

You can delete a stream using the HStreamClient.deleteStream() method:

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