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In HStramDB, subscription is also seen as a persistent resource which enabling decoupling between the consumer and the stream. User can create、delete and list subscriptions.


HStreamDB uses subscription to manage the progress information of consumption (e.g. checkpoint, offset). For consumer to consume the data, it must join a subscription that already exists.


Currently, only one consumer is allowed to join the same subscription at a time.


Make sure you have HStreamDB running and accessible.

Subscription Object

A subscription object is defined in protobuf:

message Subscription {
  string subscriptionId = 1; // the unique identifier of the subscription
  string streamName = 2; // streams to be consumed
  SubscriptionOffset offset = 3; // the starting position of consumption

message SubscriptionOffset {
  enum SpecialOffset {
    EARLIST = 0; // consume from the start of the stream
    LATEST = 1; // consume from the tail of the stream

  oneof offset {
    SpecialOffset specialOffset = 1;
    RecordId recordOffset = 2; // consume from a customer specified position

Create a New Subscription

You can create a new subscription using the HStreamClient.createSubscription(Subscription) method:

Subscription subscription = Subscription.newBuilder()


Get a List of Subscriptions

You can get a list of the subscriptions using the HStreamClient.listSubscriptions() method:

List<Subscription> subscriptions = client.listSubscriptions();
for (Subscription subscription : subscriptions) {

Delete a Subscription

You can delete a subscription using the HStreamClient.deleteSubscription() method:

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